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Riccardo Freda's WITCH'S CURSE (AKA Maciste All Inferno 1962) Movie Trailer

The American release of "Maciste All Inferno" (1962) as "The Witch's Curse" is a good exemple of what US distributors were capable of to mislead the audience. They tried very hard to pass this fairly enjoyable sword and sandals film for an ordinary horror movie. Of course, the twisted plot including some 18th Century witch hunt and battling mighty Maciste drown from God knows which area made this title a bit tricky to classify. But all in all, it's more about half naked muscle men than devil worshipers, anyway.
Most of the copies available are grainy pan and scanned public domain versions, cut down to 75 minutes.
The original one was a beautiful cinemascope 87 minutes film. Some excellent foreign dvds are also on the market, as "Maciste en Enfer" for instance (French and Italian versions only). Watch for them!

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Audio/Visual sound, color


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